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What is Arthritis & how do We Develop It?

Osteoarthritis, also known as Degenerative Joint Disease, is defined by the Center for Disease Control as “a disease characterized by degeneration of cartilage and bone with bony overgrowth (bone spurs). The breakdown of these tissues leads to pain and joint stiffness. Joints most commonly affected are knees, hips, hands and the joints of the spine. Causes of arthritis are unknown but are believed to be a result of mechanical stresses on the joint”.

Osteoarthritis in the spine can be very debilitating. It affects 14% of the population ages 25 and older. When there are years of chronic joint stress due to sports injuries, accidents or just repetitive stress and poor posture, this causes joint restrictions, misalignments and improper

stress on the spinal bones (subluxations). The joint surfaces begin to erode, cartilage breaks down, bone spurs form and pain and inflammation ensue. 80% of people with degeneration and arthritis have some sort of limitation of movement. When there is severe degeneration in the knees or hips, patients usually opt for joint replacement. However, when there is degeneration in the spine, surgery should be the last option.

Typically, affected people try drugs to help alleviate the symptoms temporarily. Physical therapy may also help. If it’s very bad sometimes injections may be useful. Although, removing the cause of the degeneration, which is usually poor joint alignment and restrictions (subluxations), helps relieve that improper joint stress and nerve irritation, alleviating a lot of the pain. Nothing can reverse arthritis once you have it. But when you realign or adjust the spine, this helps slow down the progression of arthritic changes and create more space for normal nerve supply. If you could do something to prevent arthritis, wouldn’t you do it? Well guess what? Regular Chiropractic adjustments may do just that. If you or someone you know with Degenerative Joint Disease or would like to prevent arthritis from occurring, seek chiropractic advice.

For more information call Dr Jodi Kinney at Intrinsic Chiropractic Center 732-833-9000. Intrinsic Chiropractic Center is located at 100 W. Veterans Highway, Jackson. Dr. Jodi Kinney is a local chiropractor and wellness expert who has been serving the Jackson Township community and surrounding areas since 2003. She is deeply committed to helping people achieve optimal overall health through chiropractic care.


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