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Truthful Spiritual Journey (Living it- Breathing it)

Are you looking for something different? Do you need a new perspective on life?

When you discover and understand how to travel the truthful spiritual path, one becomes free of stress, worry, fear, and judgement. Your internal thoughts become less complicated, less cluttered with negative thoughts and you then live fully and fearlessly.

Understanding the higher power of the universe and the positive energy and guidance one can receive is the true spiritual path. Listening, learning, and expanding your consciousness opens pathways you never even dreamed of being on. When your fully open to higher power life will change. Transitioning into a truthful spiritual journey will allow you to follow your true path, true desires, that will bring you peace, happiness, freedom and a soulful spiritual connection.

You can feel a change occur within your entire being when you enter your true spiritual path. You feel great, motivated, revived, with a sense of relief that you are finally doing what your soul needs. The soul needs to be fed. It speaks to you and you need to listen. The soul will then begin to shift. Your perspective on life, time, work, people, animals, etc. all changes. You are becoming the true spiritual you and it’s as if you are being reborn.

Symptoms of a SOUL shift and becoming spiritual are;

  • Perception change about life, animals, people, the world, the universe. A feeling of being connected to everything as one.

  • The higher vibrational energy of inner spirit interrupts sleep and thoughts, causing major changes in sleep patterns.

  • Empathic abilities increase allowing you to feel discomfort around others. Feeling energy from others, high and low.

  • You may notice a decrease in energy after being around certain people. Choosing to spend less and less time with them.

  • You now can handle difficult situations with wiser and insightful attitudes.

  • Your short-term memory begins to diminish as you live more fully in the present.

  • Your senses are heightened; hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing more.

  • Miracles begin to happen- unexpected new job, new love, protected from danger, etc.

  • You walk away from your old life and emerge into a totally new life.

  • Higher Power, (God), Angels, Spirit guides, visions and dreams are guiding you.

  • Time is now most valuable. You are vibrationally moving faster, doing more, with a feeling of there is not enough time with a need to manage time wisely.

Following your true spiritual path requires deep listening. Listen to your soul, your inner voice, that gnaws at you to do something. Don’t ask why or try to evaluate what you are hearing. The true spiritualist follows what the souls speaks. Without fear or worry. Without reservation and with a knowing that where you are being led is right.

If you are wondering how to get on a true spiritual path, free to journey life the way you want, then follow these few steps to get started:

  • Find a quiet space to listen to your souls needs…ask - what does it truly need to be happy, free from worry and stress, to be fulfilled

  • Decide who you really want to be, to do, to become

  • Commit to following inner truth

  • Practice kindness

  • Commit to changing

  • Pray and meditate more

  • Be out in nature more often and be more observant to your surroundings

Once you feel more connected with the universe, nature, and your soul then the self-discovery process begins. Acquiring insight into one’s own character is profound. You may find your purpose in life, new meaning to your existence. You may be healed from past experiences. Letting them go to start new. This insight should lead you to discover who you are, what you want out of life, and what will fulfill you.

Also, during self-discovery you may realize fears, doubts, or negative traits, but you the can address them. You may also discover positive traits, strengths, and skills. Use all that you discover for moving forward and to remain on the true spiritual path.

If you are experiencing any of the soul shifting symptoms, you are in the middle of a shift and a wonderful transformation. You are opening to change, love, abundance, healing and to beginning a new journey, one that is truthful to your soul and your existence. Enjoy the shift, it is worth pursuing!

Author and Artist Gina Cannone, M.Ht., RMT., is a Life & Spiritual Coach & Intuitive. For more information visit

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This article appears in the July Issue of Natural Awakenings Jersey Shore


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