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The Art and Science of Yoga

Align Amar Yoga will be beginning a series of in depth study of the Art and Science of Yoga. Starting this September, deepen your understanding and practice of yoga through our Yoga Alliance approved modules. This unique program offers a comprehensive and thoughtfully designed curriculum for students desiring to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga. Take all the modules or take individual ones for Continuing Education Units, or just for fun. The immersion is a prerequisite for Align Amar Teacher Training and all class time counts towards the 200-hr Yoga Alliance-certified program and Certification.

Part 1 (50 hours): Align Amar Immersion: Delving deeper into the Art and Science of Asana Part One will primarily focus on the power of the poses; knowing how to creatively and effectively present them. Topics to be included: Review and practice the main categories of poses; primary flow of energy and their focal points; how to feel them and observe them; how to use alignment principles, therapeutics and use of props.

Parts II & III (150 hours): The Art and Science of Teaching: Understanding and cultivating the elements of effective teaching. Part 2 will focus on the presentation of yoga poses from developing a sequence through virtually instructing a class. Topics to be included: Sequencing for all level of students; to teach a pose systematically; instructing with the breath; honing your eye as a teacher and making student adjustments (verbally and manually.)

Taking the seat of the teacher: developing your authentic voice. Part III will focus on how to bring your knowledge and skills of asana into the public setting. Topics to be included: Effective languaging (active vs. passive); how to skillfully demo a pose; developing a context or theme for your class; navigating the student/teacher relationship; and the ethics of teaching.

Please contact, if you are interested or have any questions.

This news brief appears in July's issue of Natural Awakenings Jersey Shore

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