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More Than Just A Foot Bath: What is Ionic Foot Detox Therapy?

Ionic Foot Detox therapy removes toxins from every cell in your body right through the reflex points of your feet. This revolutionary ionization technology generates a mix of positive and negative ions, which are able to attach themselves to impurities and removes them by the way of osmosis in just 23-minutes.

Health issues that have seen relief include constipation, fatigue, headaches, kidney or bladder issues (cystitis), lung issues (emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma etc.) and skin conditions (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea). Lasting benefits include: liver detoxification, increased energy, reduced stress, pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved memory and sleep, better sexual health, stronger immune system, oxygenates your cells, better well-being and attitude, a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Toxins are also charged particles and as they circulate through the blood in the region of the foot, they are then naturally drawn to their opposite charge in the water that the foot is submersed in. Initiated through the attraction of opposite charges and facilitated through both osmosis and diffusion, any negatively charged toxins are drawn to positively charged ions in the water and any positively charge toxins are drawn out into the water by negatively charged ions. In the end these toxins are then neutralized in the water of the foot bath.

During your session, you will actually see the water changing color. The foot bath company created a chart to help identify where in the body toxins may be hiding, although observation of colors can vary from person to person. Here are some examples:

Water Color - Area Of The Body Affected

White Cheese Like Particles -- Yeast

Black -- Liver, Alcohol, respiratory system

Orange/Brown -- Joints, muscles

Yellow/Green -- Kidney, bladder, reproductory system

Brown -- Liver, smoking, free radicals, waste products

Dark Green -- Gall bladder, digestive system, inflammation

Red Patches -- Blood Clots

Contaminants removed during a foot detox include heavy metal toxicity, lactic acids, pesticides / fungicides, cholesterol deposits, drugs / medication debris, lymphatic congestion, cellular debris, exhaust fumes, parasites and second hand smoke.

After a series of ionic footbaths, the water will become less discolored and remains like clear water. This is a sign of accumulated toxic build-up in the body being cleansed. Individuals generally experience an extraordinary release of toxic materials, feeling a sense of heightened wellbeing and energy enhancement. This may be maintained with a nutrition program based on your own individual bio-chemistry; daily exercise program and foot detox maintenance treatment as little as once a month.

For a deep toxic cleanse, a series of fourteen 23 minute sessions (twice a week) is recommended, followed by once a week for a month, followed by once every two weeks for a month, then once a month for maintenance or whenever you feel that toxic overload.


Vanessa Drew is the founder of Cleansing Concepts, an exclusive detoxification facility with a new location at the Galleria in Red Bank. For more information, visit

This article appears in the October issue of the Monmouth/Ocean Natural Awakenings To subscribe please click on the image below:


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