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Frome Physical Therapy Expands to Loch Arbour

For the past 30 years David and Rebekah Frome have dedicated their lives to helping others become healthier, stronger and pain-free. They are pleased to announce the opening of their new office located in Loch Arbour, adjacent to Asbury Park. They also have an office in Montclair NJ.

Frome Physical Therapy is a holistic wellness center grounded in Western medicine with a deep commitment to holistic health. Their specialties include The Rolfing Technique of Structural Integration and Five Element Acupuncture. Conditions relating to women and men’s health including fertility, sports injuries, low back and neck pain, cancer and post-surgical recovery are well within the scope of their practice. Additionally, they specialize in pediatric developmental disabilities and Rolfing for babies and children.

“Rolfing is helpful for people of all ages” states Rebekah. “We have treated infants as well as people well into their senior years.” Whether you are looking to improve your health or to recover from injury or illness, Frome Physical Therapy will provide comprehensive and personally tailored treatments. David explains, “Our practice is all about providing high quality personalized care. Many of our clients arrive at our door because conventional physical therapy has left them with remnants of injury that they wish to be rid of.”

Frome Physical Therapy also houses the “HOU LI” school offering Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation. Classes are offered with the focus of cultivating health throughout life’s journey.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 973.610.6598 or visit



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