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Speech Therapy Services for Children and Adults

Have you been wondering whether your child is developing speech and language skills in keeping with those of other children within the same age range? Have you been considering whether a spouse or family member can improve their speech and language abilities after incurring an accident or a neurological disorder? If so, you may want to consult a professional.

Dr. Albert Oratio has been in practice as a speech and language pathologist in the Red Bank area for the past ten years at Monmouth Center for Communication Disorders. He offers diagnostic and therapeutic services for the full range of communication problems including articulation, language, voice, and stuttering impairments. He has served as a speech pathologist in public school settings, major medical facilities, and taught at several prestigious universities.

The speech therapy programs at Monmouth Center focus on the individual needs of each patient and involve working closely with parents, spouses, and teachers to enhance our patients’ progress.

If you are in doubt about your child or loved one’s speech and language abilities, feel free to contact Dr. Oratio at 732.298,4769, Monmouth Center for Communication Disorders, 565 Hwy. 35 Red Bank.


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