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Oven baked eggs in a cast iron skillet, resting on a bed of sautéed vegetables.

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I have been loving this one for days and days. You know when you get a taste for a food and you can eat it everyday - that is how I feel about this easy, home grown, delicious - dish.

Whatever amount of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, corn and eggs you have - you can make it work. Trust your intuition to know how much of each ingredient - go ahead - it will be great!







Butter or EVOO

Salt & Pepper

Over low heat, coat skillet with substance of preference, I use 1 Tbsp of butter or 1 Tbsp of EVOO. Dice ripe tomatoes and place in skillet.

I do a few cranks of the himalayan salt shaker and the black pepper shaker, and stir a few times to ensure all tomatoes are coated. Allow tomatoes to wilt and add sliced squash and zucchini. Stir to coat veggies again. Continue to stir occasionally while squash & zucchini soften. As Zucchini appear to soften, add corn and stir. When pan starts to dry add a bit of water to coat bottom of pan and stir. A tomato like sauce will occur. Continue to sauté - as you reduce the liquid: the flavors are enhanced, added water evaporates some, liquid thickens and squash appear done. While performing the final sauté and the liquid is evaporating - heat oven at 350F. Don't be afraid to taste and adjust along the way. When veggies appear done, turn off heat and crack eggs on top. Some times I use 3, sometimes I use 6 - however many people you are serving or eggs you wish to use. I like salt and pepper on my eggs, so I salt and pepper the cracked eggs in the pan. Sometimes I leave the yolks whole, and sometimes I break them to spread them out and mingle with the rest of the pan. And sometimes, I make a big skillet and wrap it for 3 days of breakfast and love it. I hope you like it too! And feel free to send your favorite recipes to I'd love to try them and share them :)


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