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Thai Yoga Massage in Red Bank

Enjoy Bella’s Thai Massage Specialty whose foundation is love, joy, equilibrium and compassion. Thai Massage also called Assisted Yoga increases your flexibility with amazing stretch techniques you receive while being relaxed. These rare unique techniques can be facilitated with hands, feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers. Bella offers sessions up to three hours to benefit you physically, emotionally and intellectually.


Neil Young…”Well worth the time and investment.”

Dr. Roy Siegel, Chiropractor to the Pope & Celebrities, ”After each session with Bella, I feel taller. My muscles are relaxed and elongated. My spine, chest and abdominal areas are revitalized. My functional physiology is enhanced.”

Bryan Cary, Bell Island, “Prior to the gift of meeting Bella, I had such bad lower back pain, that I could not walk three blocks. After six months of her healing techniques, I am pain free.”

Bella is considered a Master Facilitator of Thai Massage having practiced it for 10+ years and holistic arts for a few decades. Her diverse background includes studying Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand, India and the USA. Bella taught at Harvard University. She is author and illustrator of “The Vineyard, Yoga & Miracle Food.”

Call Bella now and schedule your appointment at 732.865.3333.


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