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Conversations with Adele

Adele Paula Royce will be exploring the topic “Who is in Charge of my Inner State of Being” at Sun Moon Yoga & Healing in Long Branch, starting Friday Jan 3rd 7:30-9pm. This 4-month workshop series will be an open forum and will consist of discussion, some light breath and imagery work. Take a journey inward to explore the points of similarities of the rich traditions of Eastern and Western Spiritual paths; enabling one to delve into your practice with an open heart and a quiet mind. It sets the groundwork for ‘why’ we practice Yoga and the various methods of dealing with the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Moral and Spiritual issues that we call Life.

Adele Paula Royce is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and is a published author, genre: Suicide Prevention, with her most recently published article 'Yoga: A Pathway Back to Life after Loss' featured in Natural Awakening Magazine 2019. Being a well versed professional in Western Spirituality along with her knowledge of the Eastern philosophy of Yogic culture, she teaches her students to delve into the practice with an open heart and a quiet mind. For more information, call Sun Moon Yoga and Healing 917.701.3298 or visit The studio is located at 104 Brighton Ave Long Branch.


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