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Balance Wellness A True One Stop Wellness Facility

Your thoughts create your reality, and Dr. Jeff has proven this to be true. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Jeff Hurewitz and his wife Dr. Margo Hurewitz, continued their educational journey in San Francisco, California. Margo earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology while Jeff earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Together they became “mind and spine.” Margo was awarded a residency at the Princeton University Hospital. Jeff grew up in Manalapan New Jersey. They decided to return to the garden state and set down their roots.

Fifteen years later Dr. Jeff and Dr. Margo have created the life and the Wellness Facility of their dreams, and their website is now Balance Wellness was first just a dream. Dr. Jeff had a writing assignment in graduate school when he was asked to write a paper on where he would like to be in 15 years. Dr. Jeff detailed his dream practice, which was a holistic center that emphasized not just musculoskeletal conditions, but both the mind and the body.

He wanted to create a center where he could bring the community together to address not just pain, but the root cause of pain and overall well being. Today Balance Wellness Center is a thriving mecca where all types and ages of people come to reset, recharge and achieve optimal health. We offer Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Weight Loss, Functional Nutrition, Mental Health Counseling, Group Psychotherapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy and Meditation classes.

Just prior to the pandemic, Dr Jeff purchased 1999 Rt 88 in Brick, NJ, where he renovated and created the facility of his dreams. The front desk is led by Lisa Francese, the office manager, who was instrumental in the creation of the practice and continues to navigate its direction. All providers engage in constant continuing education, which allows them to practice the most up to date techniques in natural medicine. Patients come to Balance dealing with a variety of conditions, such as chronic pain, sleep issues, weight gain, headaches, nutritional deficiencies, mental health issues and overall wellness maintenance. It is a loving, supportive atmosphere where patients feel safe, comfortable and cared for.

Balance is proud to be the areas true one-stop-shop for holistic wellness and is very proud of our 5 star google reviews. Stop in during our Wellness Week which begins on Saturday, May 7th to check out what we have to offer. See the Calendar of Events for more details. STAY BALANCED Balance Wellness Center, 1999 Route 88, Brick NJ 08724 Dr. Jeff Hurewitz, D.C. Phone: 732.903.2222 Website: Instagram: @balancewellness Facebook: Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center.


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