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Balance Wellness Detoxification Program

Detoxification is a continuous physiologic process that your body depends on for survival. There are complex cellular detoxification mechanisms that are constantly at work for you all day, every day. Natural and synthetic chemicals are processed by this complex system of cells, organs, and organ systems to keep you healthy in the face of a virtually constant barrage of toxic material.

In the human body, the liver and kidneys function as a filter for harmful substances. This natural filtration system needs to be properly supported to ensure that the body’s detoxification process is functioning effectively and that toxins are being properly eliminated. We offer a program which is designed to gently and slowly support the process of metabolic detoxification.

Toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects. Toxins can and often do become trapped in the body’s organs and tissues, which over time can negatively impact health, vitality, and overall wellness, and may contribute to the development of chronic illness. There is no practical way to protect you from all the toxins in the environment. Fortunately, there are ways to counteract some toxins and pollutants.

Your body’s natural detoxification processes exist to deal with the ones we can’t avoid. You can help your body perform these processes with the help of regular cleansing. The art of detox is so important in assisting the body’s natural elimination processes. The Balance Detox Program will help with healthy energy and vitality, proper weight management, healthy skin and hair, restful sleep, clear thinking and the establishment of healthy habits for optimal long-term health.

The Balance Detox Program is a 14-day step-by-step program that is designed to support the body’s natural two-phase process of detoxification, allowing toxins to be safely cleansed from the body. This program combines an organic protein powder of nutrients, antioxidants, and herbs with whole foods. In addition, there are capsules that support the liver in balancing both Phase 1 and 2 detoxification pathways and insuring proper protein digestion. This program is an excellent reset for the body and is recommended to be done twice a year.

For more information call Balance Wellness Center, 1999 Route 88, Brick NJ. 732.903.2222 or visit their website at STAY BALANCED


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