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Dimensions of Appreciation by Jeff Carpenter

Appreciation and gratitude are contagious! Sharing our expressions of thankfulness tends to lift the spirits of everyone around us. So why aren’t we doing this every day? Giving our family and friends reasons to reflect on gratitude puts all of them in a higher vibration, too.

Our daily lives present everyday challenges and successes. If we choose to view life through a positive lens, then we tend to focus on the energies that improve our health and well-being, achieving progress in our lives. Obstacles do not burden our thoughts. Having a high vibration doesn’t mean that you are resisting negativity; it means that there is no place for negativity to stick to you. Think about how many times you have said, “I’m not letting that negative person bring me down…” Let’s get addicted to our higher vibrations, and make it an everyday thing!

At Dimensions Reiki, we are committed to helping you release stress and anxiety to help you make progress on your life path, showing you how to set your Intention to drive your positivity. Sometimes all it takes is an “energy reset” to give us a new perspective on our journey. Our classes and workshops are designed to give you new insight and perspectives on reclaiming your own power. All of our services are available remotely for your convenience. Our exciting new program “Mastering Your Energy" is changing perceptions and teaching our students how to monitor and balance their energy on their own.

For more information, visit Jeff Carpenter is a Reiki Master Teacher, soul coach, psychic, spiritual cleanser, and spirit rescue medium who owns Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Please email or call 732.832.1036 to schedule an appointment with Jeff or with Tracy, another of our skilled Reiki Masters.


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