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Dimensions of Independence

As you plan for a summer of expansion and fun during the month of celebrating our country’s independence, remember to celebrate your own independence from the effects of negative people around you! No one can tell you who you are, and you have every right to protect your own energies.

When you are feeling anxious, stressed out, or even overwhelmed, take a moment to look around you as well as inside of you. Is all of that stress really yours to carry? Can you identify the source of every bit of it? Or are you confused about where is it coming from? Are you feeling uncomfortable around certain people? Don’t forget that you can change the way you interact with the people around you, since we do tend to absorb the energies of negative people. If you are experiencing overload, it’s never too late to work on existing relationships at home, at work, and throughout your circle of friends. You do get to choose who gets access to you and your energy as well as how much access they get. With long-lasting relationship challenges, you may also be sitting in the “habit zone,” where both you and the other person continue to expect to be disappointed in your interactions, and you go looking for the problems to arise in order to “prove” it’s the other person’s fault. Give yourself the credit and appreciation to become the bigger person, and change the way you receive the words and actions they send to you! When you take back your own power, no one can change your great mood and higher vibration!

At Dimensions Reiki, we are thrilled with the feedback we have received about our new website, and we agree that there is no better time than the present to pursue your spiritual awakening! We are committed to helping you realize your greatest potential in your spiritual and every-day pursuits. Our Reiki healing sessions are personalized to assist you in cutting emotional cords that negatively influence your energy, and we are always excited to introduce you to new ways to take your spirituality to the next level in our compelling psychic classes and workshops. We even teach you how to do Reiki yourself! All of our services are available remotely for your convenience. Register for YOUR next service online, and use the code “01NADR42” at checkout for a discount! Spirit awaits…are YOU ready?!

For more information, visit Jeff Carpenter is a Reiki Master Teacher, soul coach, psychic, spiritual cleanser, and spirit rescue medium who owns Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Please email or call 732.832.1036 to schedule an appointment with Jeff or with Tracy, another of our skilled Reiki Masters.


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