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Discovering Your Cellular Inflammation

By Larisa Belote

Have you suffered from symptoms like Anxiety, Depression, Weight gain, Sleep Problems, Low Energy or Brain Fog where no doctor has been able to explain the reason why or was able to fix it? Have you gone to doctors that did many tests that showed nothing unusual but you still don’t feel well?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, don’t worry, you are NOT crazy! It is NOT just in your head and know that you are not alone.

You are just sick of being tired. And you are sick of being sick. Your unexplainable symptoms are probably impacting your job performance and your relationships with your loved ones.

There is an explanation to all these “unexplainable” symptoms and there is a solution. But it is probably not what you think it is, nor is it something that you have tried before.

It is a Test called the Meta-Oxy test, which screens for cellular inflammation, toxicity and damage. It is 50X more powerful at detecting inflammation markers than regular blood tests your doctor might have given you.

The doctors’ blood tests look for general inflammation marker with a test called c-reactive protein which is great, but most doctor’s overlook inflammation at the cellular level. If your cells are inflamed, it does not matter how good your blood work or hormones levels looks. Cellular inflammation prevents hormones from communicating with your cells and prevents nutrients from reaching your cells.

Tried to lose weight and the weight just won’t come off? That’s because if the cell is inflamed and full of toxins, it will not receive the necessary nutrients. The cells are malnourished and will hold on to the fat and you will not be able to lose weight.

Remember that we are made up of trillions of cells. Cells make up your tissues, your tissues make up your organs and your organs make up your body. That is why it is important to look at a health problem at a cellular level and find out how inflamed are your cells.

Here is how Meta-Oxy Test that screens for Cellular Inflammation works. The test looks for Malondialdehyde in the urine, a bi-product of cellular inflammation. Every cell membrane in the body is made up of fat and cholesterol. The more cellular inflammation, the more these cell membranes are metabolized. When the fats are metabolized, malondialdehyde is released into the blood stream by the kidneys. Cellular Inflammation test works by measuring the amount of malondialdehyde is in the urine as a result of oxidative stress and cellular inflammation. This test is easy to do and can be done in person or in the comfort of your own home.

The only way you can know the root cause of your health problems is through understanding what’s going on with your cells which are the building blocks of your health.

Larisa Belote, Health Practitioner & Certified Detox Specialist is a strong believer that your body is a smart machine and can heal itself given a chance and the right set of tools. Call/Txt 732.996.6963 or email: for more information on how to get the Meta-Oxy Test to measure cellular inflammation and how to get your life back. See News Brief on July Special for Comprehensive Cellular Health Analysis.


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