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Eat for your Blood Type!

Could eating foods based on your blood type--O, A, B, or AB--help you trim down and get healthier? That's the idea behind the Blood Type Diet, created by naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo in 1996.

D'Adamo claims that the foods you eat react chemically with your blood type. If you follow a diet designed for your blood type, your body will digest food more efficiently. You'll lose weight, have more energy, and help prevent disease.

What is The Blood Type Diet?

The blood type diet, also known as the blood group diet, was popularized by a naturopathic physician called Dr. Peter D’Adamo in the year 1996.

In his book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, he claims that the optimal diet for any one individual depends on the person’s ABO blood type. He claims that each blood type represents genetic traits of our ancestors, including which diet they evolved to thrive on.

Dr. D’Amato says: “Your blood type is the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality and emotional strength. It determines your susceptibility to illness, which foods you should eat and how you should exercise. It is a factor in your energy levels, in the efficiency with which you burn calories, in your emotional response to stress and perhaps even in your personality.”

Blood Types and Food:

  • Type A: Called the agrarian, or cultivator. People who are type A should eat a diet rich in plants, and completely free of “toxic” red meat. This closely resembles a vegetarian diet.

  • Type B: Called the nomad. These people can eat plants and most meats (except chicken and pork), and can also eat some dairy. However, they should avoid wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes and a few other foods.

  • Type AB: Called the enigma. Described as a mix between types A and B. Foods to eat include seafood, tofu, dairy, beans and grains. They should avoid kidney beans, corn, beef and chicken.

  • Type O: Called the hunter. This is a high-protein diet based largely on meat, fish, poultry, certain fruits and vegetables, but limited in grains, legumes and dairy.

All 4 diets (or “ways of eating”) are mostly based on real, healthier foods, and a huge step up from the standard Western diet of processed junk food.

Lectins and Blood Type

One of the central theories of the blood type diet has to do with proteins called lectins. Lectins are a diverse family of proteins that can bind sugar molecules. These substances are considered to be antinutrients, and may have negative effects on the lining of the gut. According to the blood type diet theory, there are many lectins in the diet that specifically target different ABO blood types. It is claimed that eating the wrong types of lectins could lead to agglutination (clumping together) of red blood cells.

The Blood Type Diet has been popular for almost two decades now. Proponents of this diet suggest that your blood type determines which foods are best for your health. Many people who have tried eating for their blood type have seen great results not only in their waistline but also had more energy, less bloating and feeling great!

Larisa Belote, Health Practitioner & Certified Detox Specialist is a strong believer that your body is a smart machine and can heal itself given a chance with the right set of tools. Call/Txt 732.996.6963 or email: for a FREE 20-minute consultation on how to get started with the Blood Type Diet and a blood typing kit.


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