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EveryBODY Needs Yoga & Rest Workshop

Guided by Dana DeFrancesco on Saturday, September 2, 12noon-1:30pm, this 90-minute workshop will begin with a gentle yoga progression, incorporating floor and standing yoga postures, linking breath, slow flow movement, and the emotional body to create a connection between all aspects of the individual. Then move into a deeper connection as participants reduce movement and settle into restorative poses.

The class will conclude with a restful yoga nidra session, a form of restorative meditation ideal for those with sleep deprivation. This extended meditation practice induces brainwave patterns associated with the “rest and digest” nourishment our body provides. Participants will release focus, allow attention to ebb and flow naturally, and possibly float off to sleep.

This workshop is accessible for everyBODY and all experience levels. For more information, go to, cost: $25. Proceeds (doubled) to benefit One Life 2 Love.


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