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Free Introduction to Energy Medicine

Free introduction to Energy Medicine at Greens Natural Food in Ocean on Sunday, April 2, 1pm hosted by Beyond Holistic Healing! Start your healing journey now. Meet Beth Aitken, an Energy Medicine Healer. She practices Energy Medicine virtually using the modality of Body Intuitive, which combines Eastern (Chinese) Medicine and the Western knowledge of the body. Sessions are proven to be effective virtually because Beth can tune into your Energetic Field from anywhere.

Virtual sessions offer:

1. Convenience: Participants can join from anywhere, without having to travel. Sessions can be done while you sit on your couch!

2. Increased accessibility: it is easier for people with travel restrictions, time constraints, or disabilities to participate.

3. Cost savings: eliminate the need for travel expenses, rentals, and other costs associated with in-person sessions.

4. Improved efficiency: allow for real-time collaboration and communication, with features such as instant messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing.

5. Increased reach: Virtual sessions allow for a larger audience to participate, Beth has clients in Canada, California and Florida.


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