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Introduction to Crystals Workshop

Freedom Rocks Crystal Shop owner, Danielle invites you to join her Saturday, February 22, 7-8pm, 518 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park and learn how to work with crystal energy and intuitively incorporate them into your everyday life. Crystals are tools that can be used to help bring your mind, body and soul back into balance. They are a daily reminder to be grateful for the abundance of Mother Nature and all that she provides.

In this workshop we will be discussing:

1) Techniques for choosing crystals by feeling and Intuition

2) How and why crystal energy brings healing

3) How to cleanse and care for them

4) How to easily start incorporating them into your everyday life

Bring your own crystals or Freedom Rocks can supply you with crystals to use during the workshop. After the class, Danielle will be hosting a private shopping event and the entire shop’s inventory will be 11% off. Danielle will be available for questions and to help you choose crystals that can best support you.

Cost: $25. Please register early as space will be limited. Virtual option is available. Email


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