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IV Therapy with Hydrations Solutions

Balance Wellness Center offers IV Therapy with Hydrations Solutions by Courtney Ellenberger, NP-C; Danielle Yoos, BSN, RN; and Jacqueline Passariello BSN, RN; all co-founders of IV Hydration Solutions LLC.

This team of three professionals met working as nurses in the operating room. With a shared passion for patient care and helping others become the best version of themselves, they joined forces and founded Hydration Solutions, LLC.

Collaborating with Balance Wellness Center, this team brings the very best care for full health and wellness. Now offering IV Therapy at Balance, the teams’ joint goal is to help patients optimize their personal wellness goals with IV hydration therapy.

Uses for this therapy include dehydration relief after extreme exercise or alcohol intake, a boost for the immune system, and an increase in energy levels. Vitamins taken orally, at best, offer absorption rates between 50-60 percent. That means up to half of all oral supplements are going to waste. Conversely, IV hydration methods, have a 90-100 percent absorption rate. It’s reasonable to conclude that injecting high-dose vitamins into the bloodstream via IV therapy is the most efficient way for patients to absorb B complex and other essential vitamins.

To receive an IV drip, a needle is injected into a vein which is connected to a tube attached to a bag full of vitamins. An infusion can take 20 minutes to an hour and is done under the supervision of a licensed professional. A unique experience and setting at Balance Wellness Center allows an opportunity to provide additional complimentary services such as aromatherapy, mindfulness/meditation, cozy blankets, etc. in a spa-like setting to help maximize the experience and results.

IV hydration therapies are infused with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which nourishes the body with the nutrients it craves. They include, Vitamin C, B-Complex, Zinc, Biotin, Glutathione, B-12, Magnesium, Calcium and more. When fully absorbed, these nutrients have maximum impact on the body’s overall function. These therapies are used to treat, pain, inflammation, immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, support recovery for athletes, improve cognitive impairment, heart conditions, dehydration and vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. In addition to IV drips, boosters such as B-12 and Glutathione are also offered.

This is a great option for athletes and runners. Recovering from intense training quickly allows for more intense training. By replacing electrolytes and getting B vitamin doses, energy returns, and dehydration disappears. Amino acids, electrolytes, and other vitamins can enhance endurance, and this recovery does it without energy drinks, pills, shakes, and the unwanted side effects of the additives in many of them. It can also flush out lactic acid.

With IV hangover therapy, patients get hydration, a high dose of vitamins, antioxidants, and micronutrients helping with liver detox and return of energy. For the older patient concerned about energy levels, this is a great way to get a general dosage of vitamins which will boost overall well-being and helps to reduce inflammation, muscle pain, and relieves fatigue and stress.

Check out the IV Therapy Event: Saturday, November 12, 9am-12pm. Attend and get 15% of your next drip!

Contact Balance today with any questions or to book your appointment at 732.903.2222, Instagram: @balancewellness, Facebook: Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Website:


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