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Journey from Perimenopause through Post Menopause Workshop

Did you know that perimenopause begins 15 years prior to Menopause (that means mid-to-late thirties!)? Did you know that you spend nearly 1/3 of your life in Post Menopause? In the Chinese language this transition translates into “Second Spring.” In our society, there is so much that is unknown about this transition, that can make this time of life seem daunting. Join us at the Yoga Loft Sunday, November 7th 12:30pm with Theresa Feeley and in this workshop we will talk about the female hormones, how they affect our bodies, and how to manage this transition and the years after menopause with ease. We will talk about breathing and cooling breaths in relation to hot flashes and yoga poses that help for grounding. We will perform a gentle yoga flow to connect to your body as well as relax your mind. You will need a yoga mat, and yoga blocks and/or small pillow are optional. Theresa Feeley is a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner, and Physical Therapist for Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health and will lead this workshop. Please register to reserve your spot by email or call/text 732.239.2333 $40. The Yoga Loft is located at 462 Adelphia Rd Freehold.


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