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Longevity Evolution-Using the Inner Wisdom of the Body to Heal

By Chris Pepitone, D.C.

To better understand the concept of longevity evolution we must first understand the basic concepts of Geroscience; the study of aging.

Hormetic Stress: After moderate doses, the cells become resistant to many other types of stressors (heat, UV, oxidative stress, metals), and resistant to death.

Stress Resistance: Showing little or no response to an acute stress challenge. Higher stress resistance means the cell or organism can tolerate higher levels of stress as the response to induce stress requires higher doses.

Stress Resilience: The level and speed of recovery of any functional response, including psychological or physiological responses, back to baseline levels after an acute challenge.

Reserve Capacity: An individual’s resources in a particular domain (physical, psychological, social), which can promote rapid recovery from a stressor. For example, in psychological research, high levels of optimism or social support promote faster recovery.

Frailty: A measure of advanced biological age that reflects loss of stress resilience due to age related decline in physiological reserve.

Ideal Exposure: Sufficient stress exposure to stimulate adaptation and rejuvenation.

Over-Exposure: Stress without sufficient resources can lead to maladaptive neural pathways of overresponding to stress, depression, and stress-related acceleration of aging from cells to regulatory systems.

Short-term manageable stressors, such as physical or cognitive challenge can promote growth, learning, and development which can lead to protective responses. Stress inoculation, or prior stress exposure, can lead to enhanced protective responses to the stresses of life. This preconditioning effect has been called building “biological shields” and has great potential for therapeutics. Depending upon the acute stress there will be a hermetic effect on specific systems of the body. This will lead to enhanced (or “younger”) functioning of those systems compared to baseline.

Under-exposure of stressors is what the vast majority of people live with. Comfort and convenience are placed above all else. This leads to a weak constitution and sluggish mind. It can lead to a lack of development of stress buffering resources and poor ability to quickly recover from stressors. For example, the frail person who gets hit with a gust of cold wind on the chest ends up with pneumonia. Biologically, the lack of acute stressors prevents the intermittent episodes of cellular ‘housecleaning’ activities that slow aging.

Every person’s needs are different. The general state of health dictates which stressors are appropriate while others may not be. It is best to discuss the various challenges you experience to find the most efficient way to rejuvenate the systems to reduce inflammation and heal the troubled systems that led to the problems. Some potential perks are better skin, more energy, reversing biological age, being happier, increasing longevity and health span (life without disease). All of this is simply by utilizing the inner wisdom of the body to heal. Our mission is to help people Adapt. Heal. Thrive.

To learn more, call us at 732.747.0083 to schedule a Longevity Evolution consultation. You can visit us at (formerly known as Pure Health Services).


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