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Monmouth County Co-op Corner

Recent co-op shares brought some wonderfully juicy cucumbers.

Monmouth County Organic Co-Op member Lisa Carr likes to make quaint, little Tea Sandwiches for a lovely afternoon breather.

Tea sandwiches (also referred to as finger sandwiches) are described as something meant to be eaten at afternoon teatime (think light brunch) to help stave off hunger until the main meal.

Any bread of your choosing - crust removed.

Spread of your choice. Lisa likes to take a block of cream cheese and whip it, along with adding any fresh herbs she has on hand. And of course, slices of cucumber! But the sky's the limit when it comes to tea sandwich creativity.

Some other tea sandwich spreads and fill-ins:

Spread for bread:

  • butter

  • herb butter (add fresh herbs and hand whip)

  • cinnamon butter (add a sprinkle of cinnamon and hand whip)

  • yogurt or Greek yogurt - can also add fresh herbs or cinnamon

  • mayonnaise

  • Dijon mustard

  • green goddess dressing\

  • ranch dressing

  • brie cheese

  • Cheesy Tomato Spread *tomato/sharp cheddar/onion in a food processor

  • fruit jam

  • peanut butter

  • Nutella

Fun finger food fillings:

  • tuna/chicken/egg salad

  • smoked salmon

  • fresh mozzarella

  • fresh tomato

  • gouda cheese

  • watercress (in place of cucumber)

  • BLT (bacon lettuce tomato)

  • Alfalfa sprouts (for crunch!)

  • Pea shoots (also crunchy!)

  • avocado

  • roast beef

  • turkey breast

  • sliced olives

  • pickles

Add some fresh fruit:

  • apple slices

  • fresh berries

  • banana slices

  • watermelon cubes

  • lemon zest

  • fresh figs - sliced

  • sliced grapes

Add some fresh herbs:

  • basil

  • dill

  • parsley

  • tarragon

  • rosemary

  • chives

  • thyme

  • mint

  • cilantro

Pair with your favorite tea, and voila! Sit back and enjoy...

Wanna join in on all this deliciousness? Text 732.500.4949 for more information. No commitment necessary, hop on and off as you need to - though ongoing members can receive up to $80 credit to be used in the online store for even more organic goodness.

*Ask to join the Facebook group 'Organic Fruit and Veggie Co-op Monmouth County NJ' for updates all year long.

Let's eat!!!!!


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