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Natal Chart Readings: A Tool to Help Navigate Life

Enjoy a private 30 or 60-minute reading with Freedom Rocks owner, intuitive, and astrologer, Danielle Angel. Just like holding your favorite crystal or pulling a daily tarot or oracle card, astrology is a tool you can use on a daily basis to help navigate the tides of your life.

The natal chart is a snapshot of the sky when you were born. Think of it as a cosmic blueprint or signature that is unique to you. Working with an experienced astrologer can help give insight into your life’s purpose, your soul's journey, where you came from, and where you are meant to go. Danielle has spent many years of dedicated, self-study honing her skills in order to offer this vital service.

In your time together, you will focus on the big three, your Sun, Moon and your Rising sign. Come ready with a specific question you may have pertaining to career, family or relationships, etc.

Cost: 30-minute readings, $36 and 60-minute readings, $72. Readings can be done in person or virtually over Zoom. To schedule your reading, please visit or email In person readings also take place at Freedom Rocks Crystal Shop, 518 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park.


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