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Natural Pain Relief – Enjoy That Walk In The Park Again

The adage, “Time heals all” is a concept that we may take for granted. Unfortunately, time does NOT heal all. How long have you experienced pain in your body, mind and spirit, just hoping more time- another day, week, year- would prove curative? Particularly if you have been relying on so called “band aid” medications which only treat the symptom, not the underlying cause of pain. Examples of symptomatic therapies include common over the counter drugs, NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatories), all of which come with their own host of side effects (GI bleeding, myocardial infarction, Kidney or Liver damage to name a few).

Have you been thinking about doing something about pain in your body for the past year but just can’t find the energy to do something about it? Living with pain, both acute and chronic, is draining. When we don’t feel right, our body devotes energy and resources to address what is wrong, but sometimes our own best efforts at recovering from pain and hurt just aren’t enough.

Take a moment to consider the effects of the pain that you may be living with: How is pain limiting your access to joy in your daily life? Does pain remove you from being present with your friends and loved ones? Does pain prevent you from working the way you’d like to? Does it prevent you from getting groceries or walking your dog? Whether it’s knee pain, neck pain, wrist pain or something as common as back pain and Sciatica, living with pain is no walk in the park!

Have you considered a holistic approach to pain treatment? Holistic pain treatment incorporates the whole person into treatment - body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine utilize a holistic approach to harmonize what is diseased in the body and initiate deep profound healing throughout the whole person. Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping - and other treatment strategies referred to under the term Traditional Chinese Medicine - seek to address a root cause approach to resolving chronic and acute pain syndromes by helping the body heal itself.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have a 4000 year track record of successfully resolving chronic and acute pain conditions. That natural tradition is so very relevant in modern times when Pharmaceutical companies have aggressively marketed opioids for pain management with disastrous effects on individuals and communities. Did you know that the United States military utilizes Acupuncture treatment to great success for stubborn pain? Not only that, but the U.S. military has developed an extremely successful PTSD treatment that relies on acupuncture as a major portion of their protocol!

Some home remedies for chronic and acute pain may be useful, but you likely are going to require professional attention for those pain symptoms that just won’t budge. For milder pain syndromes, try an Epsom salt soaks, 15 minutes in hot water, daily if necessary. For tendonitis injuries, you might try applying castor oil to the affected site once per day. And for mild bruises or discomfort, I a topical Arnica gel Homeopathic, 3-5 times topically per day to the affected area may offer relief.

Ultimately, the path out of pain lies in ownership of our pain- and making a crucial decision to do something about it. Make the decision to make 2021 the year you become pain free - and get your life back – naturally!

Gregory Carey MAcOM, Dipl, O.M (NCCAOM), Lac. Is the founder of Old Bridge Acupuncture & Wellness. For more information, a FREE 10 Minute Consultation or to schedule an appointment call 732.952.5944.


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