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Psychic Readings - Heart and Soul Guidance and Crystals

Join Adrienne, Janice and Donna at The Yoga Loft in Freehold, Thursday January 23, 12 to 4pm. Experience the High Vibrations and Healing Crystal Energy with Adrienne’s amazing, super clear and high quality collection! From Tumbled/Pocket Stones for medicine bags and healing grids, Gorgeous Clusters and Towers for your Home or Altar, High Vibrational Crystals for Meditation & Grounding, Healing Bracelets, Chakra Pendants and MOLDAVITE Jewelry and Shamanic Energy Sprays, Candles and Palo Santo Incense.

Have fun receiving messages from Spirit through Janice Michael Sedona’s Tarot-Psychic Readings. Gain guidance with life direction, ask yes or no questions, seek clarity on current situations. Janice has studied astrology and the tarot for over 25 years. Heart and Soul Oracle Readings with Donna A. Russo: A psychic reading using a combination of several decks to read the energy and situations that are presented in your life including future directions and opportunities. Gain insight on your own personal soul path, and support and clarity on any situation.

Readings: $45/30 minutes or $90/60 minutes (cash only/please) RSVP: Please call/text in advance to book your reading appointment. 732.239.2333 Please Note: Vendors are requesting that masks be worn during this event.


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