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Ritual Massage

As an intuitive healer, Mia Hathoway of Ritual Massage & Energy Healing Ritual is a boutique-style massage and energy healing practice within Sunshine Kate’s, a wellness center located in Red Bank, NJ.

Offering client-tailored healing and massage treatments to include some of the most transformative energy services. This unique approach helps the body, mind and soul rid itself of imbalances that make it harder to function.

An integrated massage utilizes customized treatments for each client using specific expertise. Some of these include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, essential oil treatment, Reflexology, as well as Himalayan Salt Stone therapy. Mia combines massage with energy healing work to align and keep your body and spirit in balance.

Reiki is also available and is often incorporated in a massage therapy session. This process encourages flow of stagnant energy, and balance of the Chakras. Other types of energy work may include sound healing using tuning forks or shamanic rattles.

​Mia invites you to start your healing and/or transformational journey under her nurturing hands. She has created a serene healing environment that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed.

Appointments are easy to schedule, and she even accepts text messages if you have questions.


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