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Self-Defense Workshop

Join tony Costa, Zen Buddhist, Certified Yoga Teacher and Lifelong Martial Artist on January 27, 12:30-2:30pm at The Yoga Loft, 58 Main Street, Farmingdale.Self-defense begins before, and continues after, a physical altercation; the majority is what we do leading up to that. Our actions and mindset before it gets to the physical level is often the most important part of self-defense.We need to not only learn physical tactics, but also learn to manage the mental and emotional aspects of it, as control of these can prevent many conflicts. The workshop will work on a combination of physical techniques in addition to understanding the mental and emotional aspects of self-defense, as one does not work without the other. The combination of the two can help bring you to a place of confidence in yourself.This workshop is ideal for women of all ages who have basic physicality and is perfect for the female college student.Please register early, as this workshop is limited to 15 students, register by email at or call/text 732.239.2333. Cost: $45.


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