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Shining in the New Year

By Jean Eljay, PhD, MS, CMT, CHt, NLPc, AdvCH, CHt

INTRODUCTION. Previously in the article entitled, Shining in the New Year:

Releasing Last Year’s Pressure that was published in last month’s Natural

Awakenings (January, 2022) the road to happiness was explored.

The cornerstone to finding happiness is the elimination of wandering and meandering thoughts. Apparently, it does not matter whether these wandering thoughts are positive, neutral, or negative.

No matter the kind of intrusive thoughts, they diminish, dissolve and deplete energy. To restate this principle that is the key to happiness – it is essential to embracing a renewed sense of focus! In short order, the goal to obtain happiness and value is to know where you wish to go.

This may seem too easy when everything is flowing smoothly, but how does it apply when pressures are mounting, and critical thinking decides to go to lunch. It may be time to leave the uncertainty and confusion of 2021 behind. In over two decades of experience, there are three major keys to finding quiet and peace in everyday life.

There are three major keys to finding quiet and peace in everyday life.

CLARITY NOW! The first key is simple and straightforward. It is always a benefit to

reinforce and cement the refrain that, “Every challenge (no matter how great or

small) is an opportunity”. This brings forth clarity and reduces confusion in each

precious moment of life

REWARDING SUCCESS! Accomplishments are the pivot to success. But many

factors seem to stand in the way of accomplishing the goals so necessary to happiness. Perhaps, this approach may seem either too easy or too hard. Rewards

are the “kissing cousins” to success. The beginning of a task is sometimes the hardest part. Anticipation of a reward tends to dissipate the negativity of starting a task. Appreciating accomplishments appears much simpler when rewards follow each and every task accomplished. By coupling tasks and rewards, the ability to create a whirlwind of motivation followed by new success is simpler.

REINFORCING POSITIVITY AND PROGRESS through HARMONY & BALANCE. One of the easiest ways to create disharmony and unquiet in life is to allow confusion,

chaos, and burgeoning uncertainty into everyday occurrences. These factors and

many similar ones sap energy necessary to maintain a focus on the goodness that

can be projected to family, friends, relatives, and yourself. Harmony is a state of mind that reflects an even flow of life events in accordance with one’s own beliefs, values, and goals.

CONCLUSION. A major step forward in living on a higher path in life with a

smoother journey and a more fulfilling lifestyle is accomplished through 1) a

strengthening of focused values and goals; 2) accumulating rewards as one

motivates the beginning of hard tasks and unpleasant undertakings and 3)

following a higher path and rejoicing on the journey. These three simple steps

easily and naturally lead to more meaningful accomplishments and accumulating

worthwhile successes.

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