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Special Winter Event: Move-Up to Something BETTER in a New Career!

Do you have a desire to help yourself and others full-time? Follow your passion and brighten your future by becoming a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotist! This virtual, 11-week certification course begins during the week of February 20 and finishes the week of May 1. This full, 220-hour certification course allows you to move forward in helping others find their personal harmony and balance. Half of the hours are filled with demonstrations, tutorials, practice sessions, guest lectures, videos, handouts and a ton of extras.

Upon completion and fulfillment of the requirements, complete certification is offered. This entitles you to the privilege of helping your neighbors and friends, as well as the billing of you grateful clients. Certification is in the International Association of Counselors and Therapist (IACT) and strictly follows their requirements. This certification course will be presented by Dr. Jean. With his academic credentials teaching at all levels of university life, he brings a concise and clear picture of hypnotic induction and client guidance.

During this course, Dr. Jean will provide the most up-to-date hypnotic experience. His teaching style is backed by articles in medical literature that confirm positive hypnotic outcomes. Once certified, you can immediately guide your clients with confidence and with the certainty that only an excellent education provides.

For more information, call 484.574.1144 or email Dr. Jean at


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