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SUKHA Inexpensive Space Sharing

SUKHA has many meanings. One meaning happiness, ease or bliss. But its literal translation is often given as “good space”, coming from the Sanskrit words, su (good) and kha (space).

Located at 602 Mantoloking Road in Brick, NJ, the space has amazing energy and a very warm, welcoming feel the moment you walk through the door for whatever class or event you take.

If you are a small business owner, yoga, fitness or dance instructor that is looking for a perfect space to inexpensively rent a few days a week, you are now in luck. Are you a massage therapist, Reiki Practitioner, or Esthetician looking for a relaxing space to bring your clients? Do you currently work from home and find it a distraction and can’t seem to get anything done? Are you involved in a group and looking for a place to gather? Look no further.

We want to share this beautiful space with others. Especially anyone who is looking to start a business or continue to grow one for less money and this helps SUKHA as well to utilize the space when no one is here. Entrepreneurs need to support each other and work together, this is why I created SUKHA Space Sharing.

If you are interested, please call Maribeth Woodford. All specifics are available upon request. 877-SUKHA-11


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