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Tarot as a Means for Self-Discovery in Counseling and Beyond

Tarot is best known as a tool for divination but did you know it also has a rich history as a means for self-discovery?

The pictures on the cards speak to your subconscious mind helping you to access your inner emotional world more easily. How many times have you felt stuck and conflicted only to later realize that you knew the answer all along? Tarot can be a tool for changing this. In Tarot Readings for divination, the Reader is mainly in control and helps you by providing advice about the future. In Tarot for Psychology, you, the client, are using your own intuition to assist you in uncovering what you see on the cards as it pertains to your unique life situation. The Reader serves merely as a guide.

Tarot for Psychology is only one of many techniques that can be used, as appropriate, as an alternative practice in counseling. For people who do not feel that they need therapy but would like a traditional Tarot Reading including psychological interpretations, you can learn more at: or call 800.716.8353.


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