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The Most Advanced Toxic Load Elimination

by Poppy Parker

Detoxification. We’ve been hearing about it. We’ve been talking about it. We’ve been researching it. And most importantly, the gift is for those who experience it.

For more than 10 years now, Vanessa Galati-Drew, founder of Cleansing Concepts, has been dedicated to providing a variety of transformative detoxification modalities, like colon cleansing, ion therapy, infrared sauna therapy and living clay therapy. But, what about in between sessions? As an extension of her in-studio offerings across her five locations, Vanessa has integrated ways for her clients to experience detoxification in between appointments.

It’s critical to counterbalance the environmental toxic load every person endures on a daily basis, We can’t necessarily control what’s happening around us, but we can certainly control what we’re choosing to put in our bodies.

Cleansing Concepts is excited to announce three new “beyond the studio” detox solutions. Each includes simple, daily actions, which become habit, and prove to significantly impact health. Let’s dive in.

The Prove It Challenge is proven by science to transform your health in 30 days, or sooner. How? The challenge begins with a 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, which acts as a digestive reset to prepare the body to receive proper nutrition beginning on day 8 and thereafter. When the week long cleanse is complete, advanced nutrition is incorporated by replacing one meal per day with a Life Shake™ and taking the Vitalizer strip, customizable for men, women and those over the age of 50, for clinically backed vitamins, minerals and protein.

Our bodies withstand a lot, even during detox, so foundational nutrition is critical, and with the Prove It Challenge it’s not only possible to achieve optimal nutrition, but it’s been made simple. Your best health is waiting for you. Click here to begin the challenge, or visit:

Me+ology takes things one step further. We’re familiar with personalization, but this patent-pending, precisely personalized nutrition system assesses 1,000+ factors to reveal what you need and why with a five minute assessment.

The assessment output delivers a detailed breakdown of what’s been recommended and why, based on Me+ology’s detailed focus areas and how those focus areas impact one another, so you understand the value for you, specifically.

There are two plans: Essentials and Essentials Plus, based on where you are on your health journey, and everything proposed can be easily modified. Because everybody is different. Complete your assessment here, or visit

Detox Clay

Cleansing Concepts Detox Clay is the world’s only source for 100% pure, 350screen mesh, Calcium Bentonite Clay. Why is this important? This clay absorbs excess oil and dirt from the skin, and acts like a sponge to bind and eliminate non-nutritive and harmful substances from the colon.

Although the two words are similar, learning the difference between absorb and adsorb is the key to understanding how clay minerals function and how clay works. Clays that have the ability to absorb and adsorb are called Living or Active clays -- they are capable of changing and exchanging.

Adsorption describes the process by which the charged particles of other substances combine with charged particles on the outer surface of the clay molecule. Absorption is a slower and more complex process. Expanded clay attracts foreign substances that are absorbed and fill the spaces between the clay molecules stacked layers. Absorbent clay will absorb positively charged ions and impurities, and ignore negatively charged nutrients. And thus, we are cleansed.

Cleansing Concepts is your only source for this, the finest, most highly-charged Bentonite in the world. Click here to explore our Detox Clay products, or visit:

A laser focused approach to reducing toxic load is critically dependent on what happens before, during and after the detoxification process. Cleansing Concepts continues to bring state of the art solutions supporting you on your journey to radically transform your health.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call Cleansing Concepts at 732.741.2444.


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