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The Summer of Covid-19: ENDURE OR EVOLVE by Roseann Petropoulos

Some say we are approaching an end of isolation and others disagree. We are told we may re-enter society cautiously. People are returning to work and the boardwalks, beaches are beginning to open as we approach summer. How will it be different? What we do know is that when we

experience a crisis life does alter. Many attempts are set in place to protect ourselves and society. What is really necessary? Who knows, who cares and who has an honest answer. We may take this time and ask ourselves how are we managing in the mist of this uncertainty. Are we carrying

a burden driven by fear or skepticism? Or are we open to the lesson before us? Are we enduring or evolving?

The word endure means to remain in existence, to last. It also means to suffer in pain or difficulty patiently. Human nature will manage pain and difficulty for a while before fatigue sets in without a meaningful resolution. Evolve means to develop gradually from a simple to a more complex form, to take one’s time to develop a final destination. We all feel better when we create our world.

Our aspirations and desires fuel our energy and now we have 3 choices. First: to give in, 2. to give up or 3. give it all we got! To give in means to accept what is, accepting life on life's terms. To give up carries a different meaning rather than resistance and defeat one may choose to surrender to what is and allow life to unfold before us. To give it all we got - we take an active stand in how we respond. We will never be in control of what comes our way, however, we may always be in control of our response. Viktor Frankl's, a holocaust survivor, gives insight with his quote:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”.

The pandemic is an invisible threat to our safety and no one really knows how it will impact anyone of us. Many have the added weight of financial hardship. So their choices include the struggle between health over practical survival. One never really knows the full story which truly motivates another individual. With that understanding there is a space for compassion for others to be free in the choice of what to do and how to do it. Life experience shows that we get what we give. Allowing ourselves to be open to life rather than resisting it will lighten the path before us. In resistance there is always a push back from others or life itself. It may be simplistic to say “Let it go”, however, it is an unfolding process.

The personal stress of this pandemic is as individual as each of us. We will manage it in our own way and in our own time. We can choose to be victims and carry a heavy burden of what is imposed upon us. When that is the response, what is really weighting us down? Are we in touch with the freedom that lies within us? Our intuition will guide us in that space between stimulus and response. In the stillness of pause, we will be able to cultivate our thoughts and concerns to the action needed in our life. We can discover that we are our teachers. May this be the lesson.

Roseann Petropoulos has been practicing meditation for most of her life. She is a certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. Private sessions are available. Manage stress and break the cycle of unwanted behavior and release one's full potential. Roseann believes that our vibrational energy creates our thoughts and wellbeing. Create a new lifestyle. Free consultations732.894.3197



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