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Tools to Transform Your Thoughts in the New Year

What is Transformational Thinking? It is the use of tools to enable an individual to change their thinking using their mind, body, brain, and spirit. It is a process that can be learned.

As we age we learn that change will be a constant dynamic throughout our lives. From birth to death, we are constantly bombarded by ideas, old and new, that require us to evaluate new concepts, modify older ideas, or get rid of obsolete ones that no longer work in our lives.

The most important principle of your life is to know and accept that you are the "CAUSE" for what goes on in your life based on how you respond to circumstances and experiences. Having an open mind to accept new facts is important because they might change some of your life’s' principles and actions. You realize in this process that you are not a victim of life. Rather, you are its author. You are its Change Agent.

Having lived through eight decades, Life has been exciting knowing what we know and don't know. There are things life teaches us if we are open to it and they are endless because there is more we do not know than we know.Some guidelines that will be helpful as you grow using Transformational Thinking:

  • Always be truthful to yourself. Do not use excuses to lie to yourself.

  • Be kind and gentle to yourself. Do not suffer fools gracefully.

  • Do not rent space in your head to people you do not care about.

  • Develop strict listening skills as people are talking to you. Listen

  • to them completely before you respond. Ask them if what they stated

  • were facts or opinions. Let them answer first.

  • Always have erasers on you pencils.

  • Seek the company of people brighter than you are.

  • Einstein said "Imagination Is Everything"

  • You are the most advanced creature of the evolutionary process.

  • You are not the center of the universe despite what you think.

  • In life there is very little you can really control.

  • Simplicity is the road to perfection.

  • Be humble, be of service to others.

  • You can become or do what you think about most.

  • Be a possibility thinker.

  • Keep your body in shape and feel better.

  • Remember to laugh a lot. It is good for the whole person.

  • And last, learn the art of saying " NO " to people and mean it.

The above suggested guidelines, when practiced, make you a stronger individual. You will start to experience little " Victories " and then larger ones the more you use them. Your attitude in life determines your altitude and will impact how you behave. Your reactions depend on how you handled your life’s' experiences and what you did about them.

Understand the power of creation that resides in you as a human being. Your mind and brain are infinite creative entities whose boundaries are set by you. Think outside the box, live on the edge and hold on. It is exciting.

With each objective you identify to accomplish, write down the specific strategies you will use to accomplish your goal(s). In the beginning, every goal or objective should have a mini business plan written down by you in detail. This is a critical creative practice and becomes easier as you create them.

You can consider your strategies as a written list of boundaries. They represent the things you will do and not do to reach your objectives. These boundaries should be reviewed out loud every evening before you go to sleep. Be honest with yourself on your progress. It is also very helpful to put up post-it notes of your goals on your bathroom mirror or in a special note book. The more time spent reading and seeing your goals, enhances their possibilities.

TT works if you work it. Good luck on your journey.

Ed Carrington of Carrington Associates, LLC. Discovery...Strategy...Solutions

Middletown, NJ 07748 732.546.2300



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