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Virtual Summer Solstice with Karena Virginia

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Summer Solstice is a time where we can embrace the gifts of the seeds we planted in the Spring. We are living in a new age where the impossible is becoming possible. The limitations of the mind are the only true obstacles for the miraculous to shine through. We have the capacity to merge our subtle body with the Grace and miracles of the higher realms in a much more tangible way than ever. Transformation occurs when we release the resistances that block us from experiencing the magnitude of our radiance.

Using Kundalini Yoga, meditation and chanting, we will invoke the pure depth of stillness, extend love into our aura, and merge with the miracle of Guru Ram Das. All levels are welcome. Karena will comfort you so you can open and receive the miraculous healing of sound even if you have physical challenges that prevent you from practicing the physical practices. Many students come to her workshops just to experience the angelic and the love.

Pre-Registration is a must. You will receive the link to the workshop a 1/2 hour before class. Date: Saturday, June 19th 12 - 2pm Cost: $40 If you cannot make a class don't worry, we will be recording and can send to you.

Call Lisa Matthews owner of Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness to register 973.452.2828.


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