Willows & Warriors Zoom On Line Event

If 2020 has proven anything, we’re in great need of something or someone to

believe in. People are seeking guidance, vision, courage, the truth. Just as we need

something more promising from the world, the world needs a promise from us - our greatness.

Imagine what your life would be if you lived as your best self? Living spaces,

work places, and relationships would be harmonious with authenticity, meaning,

strength, and love. This is what it means to live well. Everyone can do it. You just

need to learn how.

Hi! We are Willows & Warriors, three well-being crusaders with 60+ years of

combined expertise in health, leadership, and spiritual awakening. We joined forces to help you

master the art of harmonious living. Each month, we host experiences that teach you how to live

well. You are invited to learn everything you need to know to create harmony between your

mind, body, spirit, and the world.

Join us for our second event, Revisioning 2020: Time for Transition. October 15 th at 6:30pm $45

You will be energized to enter a new season with motivation and strength. Together we will:

 Use the power of visualization to create intention and attract a new reality

 Support physical and mental health with all the benefits of sleep

 Manage through uncertainty and stress by boosting energy and resilience

 Practice these techniques everyday with easy-to-use tools from the experts

More information regarding this event will be posted on the Class Schedule/Special Event Page

at www.theyogaloftnj.com

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