Introducing Infinite Healing and Wellness

Colleen Brindley, owner of Infinite Healing and Wellness, has an MSED in Counseling and MA

in Secondary Education. Having worked with children and families for over 25 years, Colleen

has created Infinite Healing and Wellness, a holistic boutique with gifts and services to promote

self-healing. Healing is an ongoing process as we experience life, feel and process our


Colleen’s goal is to assist others in remembering the truth and create a life filled with joy, love,

and peace. The boutique is filled with art, books, essential oils, wind chimes, gongs, orgonite,

quartz cathedrals, amethyst towers, tumbled stones, jewelry, crystal bowls and special teas to

assist one in healing. Classes and information on self-care, meditation, sound healing,

releasing emotions, crystals and stones, and essential oils will be on going. Services include life

coaching, SCIO Quantum Biofeedback, ionic footbaths, and reiki. Many of the gifts in the

boutique are handcrafted by local artists with love. Also, visiting practitioners will join our healing

center to provide additional services like tuning fork therapy, quantum touch therapy and crystal


Please stop by Infinite Healing and Wellness for tools and information to add peace and calming

to your life. 893 West Park Avenue, Ocean, NJ

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