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Howlite is predominantly a calming stone. Known to aid in sleeping, calming the overactive mind, eases insomnia, dreaming, dream retention and stress relief. Physically, it is used to calm the whole body and releases muscle tension. 


This 7 Chakra Bracelet is said to balance and restore your 7 chakras getting you back to your emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy self. 


1) Root Chakra: I am safe. I am one with Gaia.
2) Sacral Chakra: I am a beautiful being
3) Solar Plexus Chakra: I am free. I am strong.
4) Heart Chakra: I am love.
5) Throat Chakra: I am truth and integrity.
6) Third Eye Chakra: I am that I am.
7) Crown Chakra: We are all one.

Howlite Chakra Bracelet

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