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CBD a “Buyer Beware” Marketplace

Despite its effectiveness, there is a lot of uncertainty about cannabis. With the CBD craze in full swing it has brought along with it snake oils and substantial inconsistencies. It is difficult to know which product is high quality and which is not. How do we know if what we read on the label matches what is in the bottle? Is it pure non-psychoactive hemp- derived CBD oil, full spectrum or broad spectrum, or is it the stripped down version of isolate powder which most companies offer? Did the CBD come from China? 75% of products on the market have very little CBD in them and some none at all. The label states that the product contains CBD and it seems to work, but how do we know if the product contains microbes, lead or other heavy metals that could potentially make someone very ill? How do we know where to look and what we’re looking for? Consumers are left to make their own judgment call and it can be quite confusing.

What if the lack of CBD quality control was no longer an issue? What if you were offered a way to educate yourself ensuring full confidence in CBD products? What if you were shown what to look for? We have heard many people say that their healthcare professional stated there wasn’t enough research on CBD. What if you and your doctor were given direction to the largest resource library on published clinical studies? What if your doctor learned that there is an organic, natural CBD listed in their Physician Desk Reference so that he/she could feel comfortable making a recommendation? What if you learned the basics on how CBD works in the body? Would you feel more comfortable?

Bridging the Information Gap

Choose a resource that offers CBD quality control and education. Make sure they care about safety and quality, are certified in cannabinoids and partner with the best CBD companies in the world. Caring about CBD safety and quality ensures confidence in CBD products. Attend their events promoting community awareness by means of free workshops and programs to groups.

What do you know about your CBD?

A well-nourished endocannabinoid system looks very different than a malnourished endocannabinoid system and most people want to feel well. The stories of users enjoying quality products are compelling, and the fact that customers come back is encouraging. Once a customer purchases one item they come back for many more. In recent months, there has been quite a bit of (warranted) negative press regarding increasing awareness of many CBD products on the market. It’s important for consumers to know to look for the highest quality CBD offered by any company in the world. Look for products that are triple lab tested to ensure quality, purity and the quantity of CBD is in each product.

For more information, visit Your Partner In Health at The CBD Wellness Center 332 Route 9 South Forked River, (across from the Forked River Diner). We carry only the highest quality product. Parties interested in CBD programs and workshops or Healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the CBD listed in the PDR please call us at 609.339.2469.


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