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An Internal Healer

By Roseann Petropoulos

Time has a way of blending the past to the future. We find ourselves in 2022, and one may wonder where did the past couple of years go? In the thick of it, one may have felt a weight that it would never end. One may look to the past years as a powerful time for healing.

A painful disruption in life often leads some to move forward with a willingness to heal.

It’s not always easy to know what, when and how to make a lasting change for the better. There is so much confusion and disagreement that keeps one stuck. Old habits and beliefs linger providing comfort with the familiar way of existence. Survival mindsets keep us only to repeat again and again what no longer serves us. Perhaps the new year is an invitation to not hold back and to believe in the potential of the internal healer all possess with a loving trust to deliver.

So why do we struggle so hard? It is easy to lose faith in oneself and unintentionally end up shutting off from the raw power of one’ wise instincts that are screaming to get out of a situation or end a relationship. Taking a step in the right direction seems impossible. One may only find a repetition of the same old story in a new form. Where do these self-sabotaging patterns come from? At times, that which can harm us will take up residence in one’s life. Actually it usually is a refusal to go within for the root cause of the suffering. Many attempt to take control with aggression for a lasting fix. The stronger the push often proves to be meaningless and never the solution.

Many have heard when one is sick and tired of being sick and tired change will occur.

Many have found the answer is in letting go and letting the Universe provide. Moving from the fear of the unknown to the love of a power greater than oneself is a much needed surrender.

Exploration through spiritual teachings is a step to one’s spirit self. Spiritually is found within when the defensive boundaries of the past are set free. An open mind and kind heart will yield the safety and trust to question who we truly are. The idea of surrender, being in a vulnerable space is actually empowering and a means of strength. In other words, developing resilience and courage to go forward. Sitting still in prayer and reflection can bring one to the realization that one’s spirit is the eternal life in the physical body. Our soul energy is our life force energy.

This may lead one to wonder is present time a continuation of a previous life’s unfinished business. One’s soul energy may provide a deeper understanding of what is seen and unseen in daily life. The power of one’s imagination of a time past may allow a transformation for the better.

Soul memory has the ability to manifest in eternal time space reality. Our soul’s journey always leads us home. True peace comes from within.

Roseann Petropoulos is certified in Hypnotherapy, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression and Tree Reading. Roseann combines her knowledge and intuition to access the collective consciousness which provides compassion and understanding for any questions or concerns. For more information call 732 894-3197 or


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