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What’s New at the Monmouth Organic County Fruit and Veggie Co-op?

New Jersey! We sure know our way around a pizza. According to New Jersey's Twitter account, we are the Pizza Capital of the world!

We also love our yummy fruits in the summer—watermelon watermelon anyone? Put 'em together and whatta ya got? WATERMELON PIZZA, of course!!!!


  • Start with a round watermelon (seedless preferred)

  • Cut one round circular slice

  • Cut 8 individual 'slices' from the round

  • Add your favorite toppings (a pizza just isn't a pizza without toppings)

So what goes on watermelon pizza, you ask?

Of course we need something green ... *chiffonade some fresh mint!

*(Chiffonade is a slicing technique for cutting long, thin strips.)

This is accomplished by stacking the leaves, rolling them tightly, and then slicing the leaves perpendicularly.

We also need something white … our 'cheese of choice' is shredded COCONUT!

Some other white favs:goat cheese, feta cheese, and Greek yogurt

Let's add some other fruits!

Such as chunks of strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple, or avocado. (Yep, technically a fruit!)

Feeling fancy? Some veggies work, too! Try red onion, jalapeno, or even corn!

Crushed nuts like almonds, pecans, or pistachios work, too!

How about a dash of seasoning on top like chili pepper, salt, or ground ginger?

Finish it off with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup for watermelon pizza perfection!

Monmouth County Fruit and Veggie Organic Co-op is looking for more members!

No obligations or sign-ups, though there is incentive if you want to register for all the shipments over the upcoming summer ($20 in online store credit). Wondering where all the cool kids are hanging out with all their cool organic produce? Text 732.500.4949 for more information and get in on the fun!


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