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14-Day Holiday Fat-Burner Reset

Holidays are coming real soon and you want to look and feel good! We ALL do!

Join the Live Holiday Fat Burner Reset November 30th – December 15th

and learn how to be an effective Fat Burner and Sugar Burner. You do this by learning how to become metabolically flexible- switching between being a fat burner and sugar burner.

In this Reset you will learn how to remove metabolic blockers and nutrients for curbing hunger even during a fasting window. Discover your unique Metabolic formula through education, customize tools that would work for you and then experience it through the reset so you never forget it and forever be on the path of health and always know how to be a fat burner.

Reset will include a food list, recipes, 5 video lessons, 4 live Zoom calls/or in person with intro, info & Q&A. Fifteen-minute consult before/during/after reset included.

Don’t Delay! Register today for a 14-day experience that will change your life!

Holiday Fat Burner Reset is led by Larisa Belote, Health Practitioner & Certified Detox Specialist. Call, text or email for more information and to register. Tel: 732.996.6963, email: Website:


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