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Does your Cup of Coffee Make You Look Younger?

Do you find yourself yawning at 4 PM? Are you trying to kick the afternoon coffee habit? Try Face Yoga to wake up and look younger.

Exercise is not just for your body. On days that we feel groggy or tired, our bodies tend to follow the signals of fatigue sent out by the brain. Exercising from the shoulders up is a great way to reinvigorate.

By incorporating a Face Yoga routine into your health program you can increase your awareness and improve the circulation to your face, neck shoulders and brain. Face Yoga teaches how to release tension in the neck and shoulders with self-massage and a combination of self-applied acupressure, breathing exercise, muscle movement and muscle relaxation techniques. Oxygen and blood flow is increased from the shoulders up providing a mental energy and clarity boost. Another benefit of exercising the muscles of the face is a youthful appearance. By relaxing the muscles of the face and improving the blood flow to those muscles, our faces appear more youthful. Additional benefits of Face Yoga include lower blood pressure and more patience in summer shore traffic.

Replace your 4 PM Caffeine Intake. Experience the benefits of Face Yoga. Try it for yourself on August 22 at 4 PM. Class Cost is $15 and will be held at BodhiWork massage studio, 106 Apple Street, Tinton Falls, N.J. Reserve your spot in advance by calling 732.645.6726

Private Face Yoga classes are available for groups in the studio or in your office. Call Nicole at BodhiWork for scheduling. BodhiWork is conveniently located near the GSP exit 109 (Red Bank) at 106 Apple Street, Tinton Falls. Hours are by appointment only.


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