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Chronic Scar Tissue, The Cause of Pain with Few Options for Treatment

There are too many people that suffer a deep aching pain or uncomfortable pulling sensation somewhere in their bodies. Massage and other soft tissue techniques can help but the problem is that it is so deep that the thumbs just can’t reach the core of the problem so it always comes back. And yet we all hope that the next massage or myofascial treatment will make it go away for good.

Fortunately, there is an FDA approved device that has been developed for that exact reason. It is a type of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy called Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT®). It works through somewhat of a hack of human physiology. EPAT® actually induces a controlled tissue injury in order to stimulate an immune-mediated response and enhanced blood flow to the area. What this means is that it will actually stimulate the immune system to send macrophages (they are like the Pac Man of the immune system) to the injured area and eat up the debris and injured/damaged tissue to leave only healthy tissue behind.

Healthy Tissue = PAIN FREE

Unlike standard myofascial release, depending upon the setting, this technology has the ability to penetrate the tissue up to 6 inches. The procedure has been developed to eliminate pain and restore full mobility. Over 80% of patients treated report to be pain free and/or have significant pain reduction.

A treatment series is typically between 3-5 sessions for full resolution of a complaint which is relative to the extent of scar tissue and chronicity of the injury. EPAT® is great for the treatment of the following conditions:

-Foot and Heel Pain - Achilles Pain

-Shoulder Pain - Knee Pain

-Tendon and/or Tendon Insertion Pain - Neuromas

-Trigger Points - Neck Pain

-Low Back Pain - And More!

The best part is that since this treatment is non-invasive it has virtually no risks or side effects.

If you are interested in a consultation to see if this treatment modality would be beneficial for you call Pure Health Services at 732.747.0083. Learn more at

This article appears in the August issue of Natural Awakenings Jersey Shore.

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