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The Magic of Coaching in Partnership with Horses

Did you know horses can help support the personal growth and development of humans? As herd-bound prey animals, horses are highly attuned to the environment within and around them. In fact, their very survival depends on the ability to sense subtle shifts in the energetic patterns of their herdmates and within nature itself. This deep sensory awareness is also what allows horses to read and reflect back a human’s emotional state, providing feedback that illuminates behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from leading the life you desire.

At Unbridled Life Coaching, located on a 91-acre bucolic horse farm, individuals and groups can experience this remarkable ability of horses and see for themselves how horses can offer their wisdom to us as our equine teachers.

We invite you to come to our farm and work with one of our highly intuitive horses and a supportive coach to explore the areas in your life that prevent you from living the life you want, and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from being truly happy.

Want to experience the magic of horse wisdom? Call (908) 217-7852 or email to schedule a session. You can also go for more information.

*Coaching in partnership with horses sessions can be 90 minutes, half day, or full day. All activities are performed on the ground and there is no horseback riding involved. Prior experience with horses is not necessary.


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