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Beat Holiday Stress with Reiki

Being thankful is a highly effective way to balance our energy and to raise our personal vibration, leading to improved well-being through the attitude of gratitude. With the stress of the holidays approaching, it’s important for each of us to take a little time to reflect on what we are thankful for.

Balancing our energy is something that we should do every day. When we are balanced, we choose the way we wish to process the incoming energy of the people around us. This helps us to determine what we hold onto and what we choose to release. The attitude of gratitude gives us the motivation to drain away the undesired energy that lowers our moods and reduces our physical wellness. Reiki is an effective tool that may assists you in becoming balanced by releasing unwanted stress and pain to restore your energy and promote your own natural healing process.

Join one of our Reiki healing circles and share in the energy healing of the group (Thursdays – November 8nd and 22nd). You can also learn to practice Reiki on yourself and the people around you through one of our Reiki certification courses. Or, contact us to schedule your own Reiki session or psychic reading. Find your intention and love your well-being!

Jeff Carpenter is a certified Reiki Master, psychic and spirit medium, and he is the founder of Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Registration is required for these events and classes; please email or call 832.832.1036 to register. Register online at


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