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Introducing Wild and Free Painting

Imagine how it would feel to creatively express yourself without the pressure to perform, produce or succeed. Imagine how it would feel to be surrounded by a community of women without judgment, analysis or critique. Now, imagine how you would show up in all aspects of your life if you gave yourself the opportunity to feel supported in this way.

If you are someone who aspires to live from a place of authenticity, would love the confidence that a community of complete acceptance can provide and believes in the transformative power of inner exploration, you are in the right place.

Wild and Free Painting, is an indulgent and nourishing Process Painting Art Studio for self-discovery, where we run weekly workshops and groups for women, helpers who help and teen girls.

Process Painting focuses on the act of painting itself and your experience while painting rather than focusing on the final art product. In the art studio there are no judgments made, no expectations, no analysis of your paintings, no model to follow and no critique. It’s a quiet practice, with a meditative quality so we can turn inward and begin to understand what we are internally feeling.

Workshops: Join us in a Process Painting Workshops where you will release stress, quiet your mind and reconnect with your true self. All materials are always included.

Tues, Wed & Thurs 10a-12p

Thurs evenings 4:30-6p Teen Girls Group 6:15-8:15p

Elissa Arbeitman is the owner of Wild & Free painting. For more information, call 347.804.8249 or visit 660 Tennent Road, Suite 206 Manalapan.


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