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The Jersey Shore’s Own Talent, Brewing the Best Kombucha

An interview with Fine Health’s Shawn Kelly.

I recently attended a wellness event, and as I walked around the displays I was handed a sample of the best Kombucha I have ever tasted. I was surprised and delighted when I discovered it is crafted and distributed right here on the Jersey shore. It’s always fun for me to meet talented and driven entrepreneurs, and Shawn Kelly of Fine Health is no exception.

Headquartered in Neptune City, NJ Fine Health is a purveyor of strictly top shelf, functional beverages. The Boochery serves as a retail storefront, and distributes to wholesale accounts throughout the state. Fine Health Kombucha creates a balance between bodily functions. Its special properties help aid circulation, digestion, the immune system, and over all well-being.

Sharon: When and where did you try your first Kombucha?

Shawn: I tried my first Kombucha from the supermarket, about half way through the first brew at my house. I was interested in the tangy taste of the bubbly tea and its probiotic properties. There is history and stories behind Kombucha that are almost mystical. I wanted to write my own story.

Sharon: Were you instantly aware that you would be devoting your time, efforts, and future into what would become Fine Health Kombucha?

Shawn: Yes, I was aware of this instantly, even before I was introduced to Kombucha. Fine Health is a brand that will spread across multiple products and industries. We are grateful and humbled that this journey started with our Kombucha. The vision of Fine Health is always to bring innovative, functional products to the market. Fine Health strives to build a family, connecting all walks of life to create comfort, resources, and value across the board.

Sharon: Before Kombucha, had you previously been a tea enthusiast?

Shawn: Before Kombucha I was not a tea enthusiast. In the beginning stages of brewing I hardly knew the difference between any teas. Working with an unfamiliar ingredient was exciting. Flavor has always come easy to me, and I’ve been fortunate to experiment with hundreds of recipes. In turn, I’ve grown to love the process and profiles of all types of tea. I drink a lot of great drinks. I look for the ones with integrity, functionality, and uniqueness.

Sharon: How about fermented foods?

Shawn: I’ve always been a fan of fermented foods. After I began to brew Kombucha, I started experimenting with kefir grains, salt ferments and sourdough starters. Fermenting Foods transforms the ingredients into living, nutritional powerhouses. Every culture has been fermenting foods for centuries, and it’s amazing have the processes so prevalent today.

Sharon: Since Fine Health opened its doors in 2015 have you found new sources of inspiration for crafting and creating as you do?

Shawn: I find inspiration in a lot of different areas. My love for food and having a background in being a chef has always helped me. I like to cross flavors, and create a balance; with a bit of the unexpected. People, cultures, and trends also influence my creativity. I am blessed to continuously interact in different circles and absorb new things. I use these tools to create and convey the message of Fine Health to everyone.

Sharon: So it’s safe to say that Kombucha has brought you to a myriad of communities?

Shawn: Yes! Kombucha has been the catalyst to bring Fine Health to a widespread and diverse audience. Every day is someone or somewhere brand new, and this will be forever.

Sharon: How do you see Kombucha evolving in the next five years, and how do you wish to contribute to that evolution?

Shawn: I see Kombucha evolving exponentially in the next five years. Fine Health will be at the forefront of quality and innovation in the industry. We will be contributing to the education and knowledge of this amazing product, as it paves the way and opens doors to new Fine Health relationships and products. ::

Sharon: Thanks so much for your time Shawn, and your delicious Kombucha. Do you have any thoughts you would like to leave our audience with?

Shawn: Life is a continuous detox, and Fine Health is here for you. Stop by and see us at 120 West Sylvania Ave. Neptune City, or visit @finehealthkombucha. For more information, give us a call 732.361.7309.


This article appears in the February issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine Monmouth/Ocean edition. Click here to subscribe.


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