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Better Heart Health

Vivian A. Kominos, MD, FACC, board certified in Integrative Medicine and Cardiology, is uniquely able to examine all risks for heart disease and many of the chronic diseases that affect our modern lifestyle.

Dr. Kominos has opened her practice for integrative medicine, cardiology and wellness in West Long Branch, NJ. After competing residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease at RWJUH, she studied under Dr. Andrew Weil and completed a 2-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine with the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. She is a founding member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine and teaches with Dr. Weil.

During a one and one-half hour initial consultation, each patient is examined and treated with special attention to how the entire body, mind, spirit, community, and culture are connected. Patients take an active role in their healthcare and partner with Dr. Kominos. The most appropriate testing and treatment is selected from conventional and complementary medicine. Whenever possible, drugs are minimized and the patient’s own innate healing and natural remedies are used.

For more information call 732.395.3059 107 Monmouth Road, Suite 104

West Long Branch, NJ 07764.

This news brief appears in the April 2019 issue of Natural Awakenings Monmouth/Ocean edition. Click here to subscribe. Thank you :)


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