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Could Geopathic Stress Be Affecting You and Your Family?

Dowse it away! Geopathic Stress is energy coming from the earth that causes stress to the human body. The average American is unaware of geopathic stress, but the Chinese knew about it over 4,000 year ago, and avoided building houses on effected land. Germany follows a similar practice today. In the United States, builders, realtors, and homeowners are not well informed or have never heard of it.

Sleeping in geopathic stress may cause symptoms of bad dreams, insomnia, night sweats, not wanting to go to bed, unexplained health or behavioral issues, or an aversion to certain spots. However, you can stop or “cure” geopathic stress, though dowsing.

Offices with geopathic stress often attract workers with unproductive attitudes and no team spirit. After dowsing the office, the unproductive worker tends to seek out another company with the negative vibrations that feel comfortable to them.

Infants and children can be greatly affected by geopathic stress. Excessive crying that can’t be comforted, not wanting to sleep in a geopathic stress zone. After dowsing a child’s bedroom, they are able to sleep comfortably.

Remember, even though you can’t see the energy, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Jeanie Pasquale is a fully trained Diamond Dowsing Practitioner, a licensed real estate agent, and mother of two. To learn more about how dowsing can help you heal the symptoms of energy disturbances, visit, or call Jeanie at 845.709.5245. If you are not local, dowsing can be effectively done at a distance.


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